Monday, August 2, 2010

iPhone Application : Hipstamatic on iPhone


Now have the opportunity to return to my home town. I saw the old film camera in the garbage that my father used it to take a photograph anywhere. But It broken now. I still like the light, filter, It has created incredible picture when you use different film or filter. Many Photography iPhone appliction ,there is an application called Hipstamatic that help me travel back to younger. ^__^
Some filer make picture when you take a picture look like old film camera. Moreover Look and Feel like real film camera such as flash, sound of shutter. And there are some Flash device that you can choose for take a differnet more.
Following is some pic that took by Hipstamatic for iPhone.

Below is Hipstatmatic for iPhone Lenses ^___^. Versy Awesome.

You can choose film brand from here. If you need more. You can buy more through App Store.

That is Flash , seem like yesterday before we get a lot of Digital Camera.

Hope you enjoy , Next , I will show you the 9 temples trip that is very popular in Thai’s budhism.I took the temples by Hipstamatic for iPhone. See ya!! Bye.

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